About Us

cordiO2 is owned and operated by elite athletes and retired Navy Special Warfare operators. We design and develop training equipment for athletes and warfare operators to be used on land and in the water. cordiO2 is the exclusive distributor of the ylon-a YSTI and YSTA swim training snorkels and the designer and manufacturer of the cordiO2 respiratory trainer or RT. 

Our products are currently being used by 20 of the 30 top NCAA Division 1 swimming programs and many of the top USA swimming club teams like SwimMAC Carolina, Swim Atlanta, Nitro, Dynamo Swim Club, Texas Longhorn Aquatics, and many more.

Our cordiO2 respiratory trainer (RT) was designed and tested by a former Navy Seal Commander and is now being used by several Navy Special Warfare training programs.

At cordiO2 we believe that Innovation + Science= Victory