We are excited to announce the launch of our athlete sponsorship program!!!  If you consider yourself an athlete who enjoys all aspects of leading an athletic life, from training to race day, you may be a fit for our program.  You do not have to be top ranked in your sport, but you must enjoy training, racing, and being involved in your sport’s community.  We want athletes who are excited about their sport and get others excited about it too!

Cordio2 Team members should play an integral part in their sporting community. Our athletes are ambassadors for their sports and are looked up to in their local sporting communities.  We want athletes who push their own limits and help inspire others to do the same.

If you are a competitive swimmer, triathlete, cyclist, runner, or mixed martial artist, and are interested in becoming a part of the Cordio2 Team, send us your race resume or proposal to Craig@cordio2.com.



What does sponsorship consist of?

There are various sponsorship packages awarded depending upon the athlete/team. All sponsorships are for one year.

When is the best time to apply?

We are constantly reviewing athlete sponsorship proposals so any time is the best time to apply! 

What should I include in my race resume or proposal?

Tell us about you!  We want to know who you are as an athlete and a person and what you can bring to the Cordio2 team!  Please be sure to include your athletic highlights, links to your social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, etc.), results from the prior season or year, and your race,meet, or competition calendar for the current season or year.

Do you sponsor teams?

Yes we are looking to sponsor teams who display the same characteristics as the athletes we sponsor.  If you feel your team exhibits these values, then please have your appointed team representative or coach send a proposal to Craig@cordio2.com.

Do you sponsor international athletes?

At this point we can only sponsor athletes who reside in the United States.  This does not mean you must be a US citizen.

Do you have other questions that we have not covered?

Please email any questions to craig@cordio2.com.