Rotate with Your Snorkel!

Posted: Nov 23 2015

Are you looking to improve your body position and rotation in the water?  If so give this drill a try.  With your front snorkel on, relax your neck and look down while the rest of your body faces one wall.  Do 6 kicks on one side then smoothly roll to the other side using your core.  

After doing a few rotations, try adding in an arm. Extend 1 arm in front of you in line with the shoulder with your palm down and your hand about 8 inches deep.  While on one side with the arm extended kick 6 times, then take a stroke working on rolling the body smoothly to the other side.

This drill is great for helping you rotate smoothly from one side to the other using your core muscles.  Once you feel like you have mastered the drill with your snorkel on, try taking it off and adding the normal breathing into the mix!  

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